Katherine- Chicago Family Photography

Katherine came to me months ago and inquired about an extended family session for early May. We talked about her session and planned, and everything seemed perfect. We were going to meet at one of my favorite locations. I’d scouted the place a million times and started thinking about the spots I wanted to use and the poses we could do.

And then it rained. It not only rained, but the sky opened up and it POURED. We quickly came to the agreement that our outdoor location at The Grove in Glenview would no longer work. I’d heard in passing about using the Wilder Park Conservatory in Elmhurst and decided to give it a shot. When We arrived, I noticed that it was a little small, but would do wonderfully for our family session. I guess a lot of other photographers felt the same, because soon, it started filling up with graduation and prom photographers. It was such a cool experience though, because we all kind of danced around each other and every single photographer and their subjects were all very respectful of each other. We were all stuck out in the rain together. It really brought the idea of “community over competition” back into my head.