Chicago Fashion and Event Photographer - Chicago Fashion Week

I’ve always had big dreams that seemed juuuuust out of reach. As a child, I loved fashion and glamour. I’d always analyze what my classmates were wearing, and what I couldn't wear because I just couldn’t fit into “cool” clothes. The times I did wear “in” clothes, my classmates would make fun of me for trying to be like them. I could list the names they called me all day.

As I grew older, I just wanted to disappear. So I wore bigger, drab clothes that I could hind behind. I wore my high school pullover hoodie every single day because I didn’t want anyone to see any part of me, including my arms. It got so hot in that thing doing summer, that excessive sweating caused me to get some pimples on my arms,

I’m just learning now to love and accept my body. A few months ago, I googled “Chicago Fashion Photographer” and discovered Fashion Bar Chicago was looking for photographers for Chicago Fashion Week. On a whim, I emailed them and asked if they had room for one more photographer. They accepted me and my life has been kind of a whirlwind since then.

I was only able to attend 3 of the shows but the ones I did attend were so exhilarating and amazing to be a part of. As I watched the models walk down the runway, I was almost in tears. Tears at how far I’ve come as a photographer, at how much I love my own body, at how much I love fashion, the lights and the people. I can’t wait until October when I can shoot another Chicago Fashion Week and I still can’t believe I got to be part of something to amazing and life changing.