Lindsay- Chicago Boudoir Photographer

A few weeks ago, I held a boudoir mini session marathon at a dreamy, beautiful Wicker Park studio. As soon as I started putting my fliers out, Lindsay messaged me and got my first spot. She was a dream client, because I met her through the Chicago Murderino Facebook group. For those unfamiliar, it’s a group for people who are really into the podcast My Favorite Murder. I’m a big true crime buff (I almost went in a really different direction with photography and applied to be a coroner’s photograher!) and this group has been so supportive of one another and it almost feels like magic. Lindsay was my first appointment of the marathon and she opted for makeup and hair from the amazing April Lenz. We chatted about true crime and emo music while she was getting made up, and it was honestly such a fun time. I really hope I can work with her again. My next boudoir mini marathon is scheduled for July 13th. I also do full sessions all year round!