Chicago Couples Photography-Michael's Challenge

I recently wanted to do some shoots at some awesome spots in Chicago. I invited a few couples to do sessions all the way back in February, because I like to plan ahead. As the day to photograph approached, I had some couples drop out. We live in Chicago, so the weather is unpredictable from one second to the next and the day we were supposed to shoot was supposed to be frigid cold and snowing (in "spring"). 

When this happened, I reached out to a guy I had met on some Chicago wedding networking groups and asked him if he and his wife would like to do the Michael's Challenge with me. For those of you who aren't familiar, The challenge is to go into a Michael's store and do a stunning session with just the materials that are available in-store. The company is encouraging this and they're being such good sports about having photographers blocking up their aisles. I loved shopping at Michael's in the past and it was always my favorite craft store, but now I just love them even more! 

When my couple arrived, I was blown away and stunned at how lovely they are both inside and out. They were just a joy to work with and we stayed chatting at the store after the shoot commenced. I'm so excited to have made two new friends! 

I will admit that it WAS hard to get two people into the frame and not have it look like it was at Michael's and instead in some dreamy place. You can totally tell it was in a store in a lot of them. But after thinking about it, I'm totally fine with that. Shooting in quirky locations is definitely my specialty.