Chicago Suburbs Wedding

This month was the start of my wedding season, and there was no one better to start it with than Amy and Edgar. Both of them were so friendly and warm and so easy to work with. Everything at their wedding was supplied by family members, from the desserts to the dinner and I was IMPRESSED.

I was invited to join in and eat dinner and I thought it was really cute that everyone told me I could ask anyone in Edgar's family if I needed help identifying any of the Mexican food that was available. But little did anyone know, I'm actually a pro when it comes to Mexican food and its my absolute favorite (I could eat it every day, and I'm not even exaggerating). 

The bride and groom played some awesome games and had a beautiful sparkler exit. I could see the two families joining as one and everyone seemed so happy to come together. I wish Amy and Edgar all the luck and success in the world as they begin their lives together.