Last Saturday was a fun day. I did a quick in-home shoot for a client in her home. In a funny coincidence, the home I photographed in was one that my family had toured back when my mom was in the home-buying stages. 


After the family shoot, I photographed my beautiful friend, Kelsey, for some head shots. I had dabbled in head shots in the past and when I was learning about them at first, I heard so many contradicting things about how to shoot them. "It needs to be lit at the exact perfect angles." "The subject needs to do weird things with their shoulders and neck to look good on camera." "None of that matters as much as a genuine smile from your subject." "Smiling is bad. They need to be serious." With this shoot, I kept all these things in consideration, but I ended up doing what my instincts told me to do and came up with some of my favorite photos I've ever taken. 

I definitely want to get more into head shots in the future.  There's just something so different about them that I don't get from other types of subjects. I can't wait to get my next head shot clients. 


If anyone is in the Chicago or Schiller Park area (or any surrounding suburbs) and needs some head shots, please reach out!