Morgan- Chicago Boudoir Photographer

I recently held another round of boudoir mini sessions at a hotel here in Chicago, and it was the biggest turnout I have ever had for mini session marathons. It was exhilarating and and empowering and I’m so grateful to all the beautiful people who came out for it.

One of my clients that day was Morgan, who makes appearances quite a few times on my blog. They are a friend from Rocky Horror and a fantastic lingerie designer. Honestly, their outfits always take my breath away. You can check some of their photos out here. Take special note of the dressing robe, because it was so I’m still so in love with it.

Chicago boudoir photographer
chicago boudoir photographer
chicago boudoir photographer
chicago boudoir photographer
Chicago boudoir photographer

PeerSpace 10 Best Chicago Event Photographers

About a year ago, I was contacted by the Food Network asking if they could have the rights to a photo. Before I scrolled down to the bottom of their message and saw which photo they wanted, I assumed it was one of my many fancy food pictures I had snapped. It was not. It was a silly picture of my dad and I in a cut out of Dunkin’ Donuts Donut Fries. It quickly became the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

Until yesterday. I got an email from an employee at PeerSpace letting me know I was being featured as one of their top 10 best event photographers in Chicago. I nearly screamed with excitement. Then I cried. A LOT. I texted my mom immediately because I needed to tell someone or else I’d explode. She cried too. As a photographer and artist, it’s easy to feel overlooked , especially in a huge city like Chicago. When I read the article, I felt seen, recognized, and talented (most photographers go through an imposter phase. Trust me, it’s a thing).

The funny thing is, I LOVE PeerSpace. I use the website ALL THE TIME. I’ve found many amazing spots for photographs there. So I thought when I got an email from them, it was just an ad for a deal or promotion going on. I skimmed through all my emails and it caught my eye the second time. I’m so proud of the work I’ve done to get here and I’m so happy that an established company that I already really love and utilize frequently saw my work and potential. Check out the article and other 9 amazing Chicago event photographers here:


Rocky Horror and Pridefest- Chicago Event Photographer

One of the biggest parts of my life, besides photography, is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Every month, my friends and I dress up and perform the show while the movie plays in the background in front of hundreds of people. Rocky Horror is one of the things that pushed me into buying a professional camera and pursuing my dreams. Years ago, my friend shoved her phone in my hands right before going on stage and asked me to take pictures of her. I loved it.

Every year, we do a special Pride Month show in June. The love and support we give and receive brings me to tears. Check out some photos from Pride Fest, when we took over the streets to flyer, and our June Pride show!

Katherine- Chicago Family Photography

Katherine came to me months ago and inquired about an extended family session for early May. We talked about her session and planned, and everything seemed perfect. We were going to meet at one of my favorite locations. I’d scouted the place a million times and started thinking about the spots I wanted to use and the poses we could do.

And then it rained. It not only rained, but the sky opened up and it POURED. We quickly came to the agreement that our outdoor location at The Grove in Glenview would no longer work. I’d heard in passing about using the Wilder Park Conservatory in Elmhurst and decided to give it a shot. When We arrived, I noticed that it was a little small, but would do wonderfully for our family session. I guess a lot of other photographers felt the same, because soon, it started filling up with graduation and prom photographers. It was such a cool experience though, because we all kind of danced around each other and every single photographer and their subjects were all very respectful of each other. We were all stuck out in the rain together. It really brought the idea of “community over competition” back into my head.

Sebastian- Chicago Family Photography

We don’t do nearly as many family and children sessions as we’d like to these days. Fashion, boudoir, and weddings have been our main focus. However, we always have time for our favorite client, Sebastian. Sebastian has been a friend to LuluLynn Photography since birth and we love watching him grow into a clever, funny, and handsome little guy. We recently did his Easter photos and he was such a ham the whole time! Thanks for letting us take your photos, Sebastian!

Chicago Fashion and Event Photographer - Chicago Fashion Week

I’ve always had big dreams that seemed juuuuust out of reach. As a child, I loved fashion and glamour. I’d always analyze what my classmates were wearing, and what I couldn't wear because I just couldn’t fit into “cool” clothes. The times I did wear “in” clothes, my classmates would make fun of me for trying to be like them. I could list the names they called me all day.

As I grew older, I just wanted to disappear. So I wore bigger, drab clothes that I could hind behind. I wore my high school pullover hoodie every single day because I didn’t want anyone to see any part of me, including my arms. It got so hot in that thing doing summer, that excessive sweating caused me to get some pimples on my arms,

I’m just learning now to love and accept my body. A few months ago, I googled “Chicago Fashion Photographer” and discovered Fashion Bar Chicago was looking for photographers for Chicago Fashion Week. On a whim, I emailed them and asked if they had room for one more photographer. They accepted me and my life has been kind of a whirlwind since then.

I was only able to attend 3 of the shows but the ones I did attend were so exhilarating and amazing to be a part of. As I watched the models walk down the runway, I was almost in tears. Tears at how far I’ve come as a photographer, at how much I love my own body, at how much I love fashion, the lights and the people. I can’t wait until October when I can shoot another Chicago Fashion Week and I still can’t believe I got to be part of something to amazing and life changing.

Chicago Boudoir Photography Mini Sessions

We’ve talked about it all over social media, but wanted to make it blog official! We are hosting another round of boudoir mini sessions Saturday, July 13th! Spots are limited, so be sure to book your slot soon! Sessions are $275 for a 30 minute session. 5 digital downloads are included in the price. There will be a hair and makeup artist on site as an addition to your session. Please fill our a contact form to inquire and book your spot!

Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Cupid's Undie Run- Chicago Event Photographer

One of my favorite events I’ve ever shot was Cupid’s Undie Run. It was a run in the middle of a GIANT party. A fellow murderino (of course) reached out looking for volunteer photographers and I jumped at the chance. If you know me, you know two of my favorite things to photograph are events and undies (boudoir).

Cupid’s Undie Run was started in 2010 to raise awareness and money in an effort to end neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body.

I didn’t know anyone at this event and I was feeling a little nervous at first, but all the volunteers and staff were so welcoming and accommodating. I loved wandering around, making new friends, and photographing people in their undies in the name of Charity.

I was super lucky that I got to wear my coat outside for the run, and I’m in awe of all the brave souls who ran because it was freezing in Chicago that day. I’m still riding on the high from that day, a whole month later, and I can’t wait to photograph it again next year.

View all the photos here:

Kelly- Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Here’s yet another blog post about a Murderino client! The Murderino Chicago FaceBook group seems to be where I’m doing most of my business, and I’m all for it! It’s where I met Kelly. She is absolutely stunning and exactly who I want to be when I grew up. Her tattoos are absolutely gorgeous and I was obsessed with them. She came into the studio on a freezing cold day, in fact it was the weekend before the -30 temps in Chicago. She took off her outer layers and got right down to business. I loved working with her. She seemed like a total pro at boudoir, and when I asked, she let me know she had actually done it once before. I knew it!

chicago boudoir photographer
chicago boudoir photographer
chicago boudoir photographer

Nickole- Chicago Boudoir Photographer

My previous blog’s subject, Lindsay, referred her friend, Nickole to my boudoir marathon. They had session slots back toback, so while one was getting ready, I was shooting the other one. We were so efficient! I loved meeting Nickole, because even though she wasn’t from my Murderino group like Lindsay was, she’s a former emo kid and current emo adult. We talked about our favorite bands (The Used) and I loved the connection we had going on! I can’t wait to work with her again. Her and Lindsay were my dream clients! Check out the bestie photos we took at the end of the session!

chicago boudoir photographer
chicago boudoir photographer
chicago boudoir photographer
chicago boudoir photographer
chicago boudoir photographer

Lindsay- Chicago Boudoir Photographer

A few weeks ago, I held a boudoir mini session marathon at a dreamy, beautiful Wicker Park studio. As soon as I started putting my fliers out, Lindsay messaged me and got my first spot. She was a dream client, because I met her through the Chicago Murderino Facebook group. For those unfamiliar, it’s a group for people who are really into the podcast My Favorite Murder. I’m a big true crime buff (I almost went in a really different direction with photography and applied to be a coroner’s photograher!) and this group has been so supportive of one another and it almost feels like magic. Lindsay was my first appointment of the marathon and she opted for makeup and hair from the amazing April Lenz. We chatted about true crime and emo music while she was getting made up, and it was honestly such a fun time. I really hope I can work with her again. My next boudoir mini marathon is scheduled for July 13th. I also do full sessions all year round!

Piper- Chicago Event Photographer

I recently had the honor of shooting Piper’s first birthday party! Birthday parties and events are two things that I absolutely LOVE to shoot. I love capturing candid moments and connections between people when they let their guard down. Enjoy pictures from Piper’s party below!

Hayley- Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Hayley is such a fun person to be around, and her boudoir session was just as amazing as she is! We’ve been wanting to do “clown boudoir” for basically as long as I’ve known her, and I was so excited we got to do it this time! We went for a very nontraditional approach to her session and I’m so happy with the work we did together. It’s very unique and fun.

Kitt-Chicago Boudoir Photographer

I love working with Kitt! I’ve worked with them for couples sessions, boudoir, and Rocky Horror stuff and they are always a joy. They always come prepared with some amazing looks. The last time we worked together, Kitt came up with Business Demon and it was such a hilarious and fun time. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next time.

Chicago Boudoir Mini Marathon

I’m excited to announce that LuluLynn Photography is now booking mini sessions on January 26th, 2019. The sessions will run marathon style, meaning they will be booked back to back. Sessions last around 30 minutes and include access to an online gallery and USB. Digital downloads are unlimited. We also have an option to upgrade your package to include hair and makeup! I’m really excited to book these all up. I can’t wait to see you there!

Simple Grid Wedding Photography Flyer.jpg

Holly- Chicago Boudoir Photographer


At the beginning o September, before my life got busy with fall sessions and Rocky Horror, I hosted a marathon boudoir day at a hotel in Chicago. One of my very good friends, Holly, had so many amazing ideas for her shoot. We did some Harry Potter shots (she’s a Ravenclaw), and a few maternity shots (she has since had her darling little girl, and I’m in love!). I’m honestly so in awe of Holly’s beauty. She is so absolutely stunning.


Morgan and Kitt - Chicago couples photographer.

I recently shot one of my favorite sessions for two of my awesome friends. I met Morgan and Kitt through Rocky Horror and they are two of the nicest people in the world. They put up with me wanting to keep snapping away at them after we had already been shooting for hours, even with Morgan’s super tall heels.

We didn’t shoot at any fancy place either. We walked around the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago. We ended up on the 606 trail, a really cool red bench I happened to see, and an alley. I can’t wait to do more sessions like this, especially in this neighborhood with all these amazing hidden gems.